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Friday, December 7, 2018

Bye, bye, Brick Works

For the past twelve years (since 2007), I have been standing here at Toronto Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market as a Saturday morning vendor.
 First under the umbrella of the Quinte Organic Farmers Co-operative, then as my own farm Rolling Hills Organics, this long run draws to a close tomorrow with my final market. By my records, I have around 400 under my belt. Some vendors like Irene, Jens, Dave, Ed, Angelos and others will have more as they are there year-round, all through long winters when we are down south or in hibernation.

I would like to thank loyal customer turned colleague turned close friend Christina Temple for her loyalty and avid support of our farm's certified organic, fresh, local produce. I have learned a lot about food, health, medicine, herbs, restaurants, value-added products from her. Thank you too to the amazing Elizabeth Harris who gave me my start at Riverdale and Brick Works farmers markets, and to Marina and Cameron for building and running the market. Thanks most of all to you cheery regular customers, vendors and volunteers too numerous to mention. You have provided a vibrant venue for business, chat, and enduring friendship.

Gundi and I have decided the time is right for a new and exciting challenge and the next chapter in our lives. So it is that we have all but sold the farm and all but bought our new home in a little cove overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We will grow our own food and Gundi will continue her glass artistry but I will be trading in small-scale land farming for small-scale ocean farming (fish, shellfish, and sea greens) and diving into a new community. Look for me at the admirable Cape Breton Food Hub.

Cheers, and keep local fresh organic going at Brick Works!