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Sunday, September 1, 2013

So Long (for the season) to Marcia

Friday marked the last day of work on our farm this season for Marcia.
She has been our enthusiastic, stalwart weeder in the fields this summer through all weathers. She is seen here on her final task, harvesting calendula flowers midst the flowering rapini and freshly-harvested romano beans.

On this last day, Marcia honoured us with a poem she wrote about her vivid experience here in the farm fields of the rolling hills. Thank you, Marcia. We are very touched.

Rolling Hills organic farm – earth to salad greens

Rolling hills flow as far as the eye can see,
Luscious green trees sing of abundance
Stories of growth toward the sun,
On the edge of the wild, coyotes, deer and moose,
Silence in this oasis of time with bird music in the background.
Life flows in all its fullness.

The farm carves out its own space for a dream,
Plants and art to enrich the world,
Working with nature and glass, the gardener and the artist
Values of peace and cooperation.
A place of beauty, hope and midwifery
Life flows in all its fullness.

Rich earth is home to seeds and baby plants
Manure smells rich and musky,
Roots dig deep for their food,
Salad greens reach for the sky.
Bugs and weeds frolic in this rich land,
Life flows in all its fullness.

Straight lines of plants, weeds dug with a hoe
Glass sculptures glisten in the sun
Butterflies, yellow and black, flirt with the flowers
Birds celebrate abundance and freedom
But this garden is a business, where are my greens?
Life flows in all its fullness.

The gardener is British, with a no-nonsense air
He believes in growing locally without shortcuts,
He loves his land with passion and is committed to nature
Struggles to get help, and cope with the weather,
But his greens are lovely, don’t you think?
Life flows in all its fullness.

The artist makes towers out of glass,
She has a gentleness and is German,
Loves curves, colour and beauty,
She just wants to create, but is in business
How do you sell glass towers?
Life flows in all its fullness.

A retired social worker, loves sweat and grime
Gardening flows through the family tree,
She speaks to the plants with love and respect
And they breathe relief when freed of weeds
My elders all gardeners and the youngsters buy the greens.
Life flows in all its fullness.

Marcia Perryman                                                 June 19, 2013 

We are very happy to hear from Marcia that this poem has been accepted for inclusion into a collection of poetry to be published shortly.