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Monday, June 24, 2013

Riverdale Farmers Market status

A busier Tuesday summer afternoon at Riverdale Farmers Market

Rolling Hills Organics has so far put in only one appearance at the Riverdale Farmers Market in 2013. It has been a slow spring for most farmers and at our farm we are just getting up and running with field greens production with the recent spike in heat and passing thunderstorms. We also received a little help from the weekend supermoon which is supercharging anything green with extra magnetized moisture, including weeds of course.

In recent years, since the passing of Elizabeth Harris, the number of vendors has dropped along with the attendance. It’s a vicious cycle - customers stop coming because there are not enough vendors; vendors stop coming because there are not enough customers. The market needs to re-double efforts to attract customers and vendors back to the market to re-invigorate an event that is so appealing when busy in its park-like ambience and lovely clientele.

Thanks to the regular troopers who continue to come and buy through thick and thin, heat and rain. We plan to be there from  July on, continuing as long as it remains worth our while.