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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Paleo" foods

At Rolling Hills Organics, our regular customers will be aware that we aim to bring to market only the freshest foods, high in nutrition. These include fresh-picked certified organic greens and other vegetables, herbs. We also provide grass-fed, grass-finished (never any grain!) beef from small-breed Dexter cattle. It turns out that all these products fall within the “Paleo diet”. To learn about the real health benefits of only organic and unprocessed food, read on in this fascinating article from Natural News…

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by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

The so-called "Paleo" diet has caught on like wildfire, with millions of people around the world embracing it for both weight-loss and health-promoting purposes. The diet has become so popular, in fact, that a new restaurant in Germany now serves only paleolithic food, which excludes popular modern-day foods like cheese, bread, and sugar.

The UK's Daily Mail reports that Sauvage, which recently opened in Berlin, serves only organic, unprocessed food. Various fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and herbs fill the pages of the restaurant's menu. Customers will not find the usual wheat-based breads, dairy products, or refined sugar-laden treats available at most restaurants.

Diners at Sauvage do not have to worry about genetically-modified (GM) soybean or canola oil tainting their foods, either. The restaurant uses only ghee, also known as clarified butter; homemade clarified lard, which is actually far healthier than oil and butter substitutes; and unrefined palm and coconut oil to cook its foods.

All of Sauvage's fruit, vegetable, herb, nut, and seed offerings are organic, and its gluten-free baked goods are all made with natural fruits rather than processed sugars. And as much as possible, the restaurant sources only free-range, grass-fed, organic meats.

"The paleolithic Cuisine is based on a groundbreaking vision in nutrition and offers the world's most healthy diet," says Sauvage on its website. "The prehistoric kitchen exclusively works with organic, unprocessed foods. It excludes every kind of processed food such as grains, starches, dairy products and sugar which have no place on the paleolithic menu. The basic ingredients of Paleo cooking are veggies, meat, fish, eggs, oils, nuts, seeds and herbs. All ingredients come from Organic farming or wildlife."

Last year, the Chicago Tribune hailed the amazing health-promoting benefits of the Paleo diet. Besides helping to create a strong and vibrant immune system, the diet can even cure serious diseases like arthritis and heart disease. Its claim to fame also includes improving energy levels, clearing up skin, improving hair and bone strength, and promoting mental balance (

"Many people think the Paleolithic diet is just some hipster trend, but it's a worldwide phenomenon, with an online community that spans the globe," said Sauvage's Boris Leite-Poco to Spiegel Online. "The trend is probably strongest in the United States, where people who have had enough of the fast food way of life and generations of illness have taken it up."

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