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Thursday, April 12, 2018


Arugula seedlings

After a long, hard winter, a long, slow spring is upon us, like a big, dark cloud. It too will pass. Patience is required, in spades (especially with an impending icestorm in the forecast).

Rolling Hills Organics is a very small farm but we are in good heart, relishing the opportunity to sink seeds in soil once more and witness the re-birth of the land after its annual slumber.

Our greenhouses are not heated in the winter nor air-conditioned in the summer beyond Nature's absorbed sunshine and winds.

Our soils have been cover-cropped, green-manured, or mulched, and will be primed ready to go once they have dried out and warmed up.

Our seeds are sourced from small-scale suppliers and not mass-planted by machine but individually by hand.

Our fields are not covered by sheets of black plastic nor fed by a mechanized irrigation system. Weeds will plague the early plantings and we will water and weed manually.

All crops have been certified organic for 18 years now, and remain so.  They are grown in our mineral-rich glacial till soil (that has never been exposed to chemicals), picked, washed and bagged fresh for each and every market.

First harvest starts shortly with spring salads and mixes like arugula, baby kale, baby spinach, spicy greens, mild mesclun, baby lettuce mix.

We look forward to seeing you at market very soon!